Alexandria Moulding Collective Agreement

The new collective agreement offers many improvements in benefits and working conditions, including health and safety, seniority rights, leave, disability benefits, and medical, dental and visual care. Founded in 1943, Alexandria Moulding is a major manufacturer and distributor of moulded parts and related millers that serves North America from coast to coast and exports its products worldwide. Alexandria Moulding`s mission is to use its customers flexibly with low-cost quality parts, with a 100% filling rate and at the same time the best quality for the supply of value-added products and services. Customers include retail chains, wooden homes, wholesalers, industrial customers, door curtains and exporters. For more information, please visit the company`s website at “We are very pleased to be working with the Alexandria Moulding team while continuing to grow our business,” said Jeff McLendon, President and CEO of U.S. LUMBER. Alexandria Moulding brings the AMERICAN LUMBER family the highest level of know-how and skills in shape, as well as a 75-year history of exceptional customer service through its sales department. This acquisition advances our growth strategy by expanding our geographic presence and product line and adding a new set of exciting features to our business. We are particularly pleased that the combination of these complementary companies enhances the promise of value we offer together to our trading partners. “This agreement honours the contribution of workers to the success of the company and brings solid improvements that will help them and their families,” said David Lipton, ETC negotiator.

Atlanta, Ga. and Alexandria, Ontario, August 15, 2018 /CNW/ — U.S. LUMBER GROUP, LLC (“U.S. LUMBER”) and Alexandria Moulding announced today that they have signed an agreement under which U.S. LUMBER will purchase Alexandria Moulding. U.S. LUMBER, based in Atlanta, is a two-tier distributor of specialized construction products in the Eastern and Mid-West United States. Headquartered in Alexandria, Ontario, Canada, Alexandria Moulding is a leading manufacturer and two-tier distributor of a full range of parts and accessories across Canada and the northern United States.