Trademark License Agreement Em Portugues

If you use our trademarks as part of a trademark license, you must comply with the provisions as well as this trademark directive. If a term in your licence is inconsistent with this Directive, you must comply with this license clause. Movement organizations will only need a separate license if the use is not already authorized by their organizational agreements with the Wikimedia Foundation or this Directive. If the brand appears primarily on a mobile screen or other media with limited visual space, you can use a brand symbol (™) with the brand to show that it is a Wikimedia brand. You`ll find the size and position of the brand icon in the visual identity guides. If you use an icon because of the limited space and there are additional pages of your hardware, please insert the indication into the text of an important page (z.B. Most mobile apps have an “about us” area and can display terms during installation). You need a brand license if you want to organize a public event or conference with a Wikimedia brand. If there are differences in the importance between the original English version of this directive and a translation, follow the original English version. Follow visual identity guides if you use brands with or without a brand license. If you use Wikimedia brands, note that as long as users are not confused about the source of these works, this type of use can promote Wikimedia sites and missions by expanding the reach of free knowledge and possibly recruiting new members of the Wikimedia community.

But it is important that Wikimedia brands are not used in a misleading way to market other people`s products, as this will confuse Wikimedia users. We must therefore be careful when licensing trademarks for these purposes. For example, if we are competing with brands for an organization that has its own logo, we need to make sure that no wikimedia brand is more important than its own logo or name. It is useful to always have a real separation between the name and logo of the organization and each Wikimedia brand. Users should be clear that the organization`s products or services are provided by that other organization and not by the Wikimedia Foundation. Such use is never permitted without a trademark license. A translation of legal references and lines of credit (but not trademarks) can be used in materials distributed outside the United States. Never translate an Apple brand.

Please contact us at the if you are not sure that your use complies with this Policy or local trademark laws.