What is the KVG Advantage?

The Kucik Valuation Group (KVG) does more than perform standard valuation and litigation consulting services for companies. We truly partner with our clients to define their company’s goals, develop their business, determine its worth in the marketplace, and defend its value, both at the bargaining table and in court.

Our highly individualized approach is key to the KVG advantage. We understand the very personal relationship business owners have with their businesses, so we don’t just apply a formula and plug in the figures. We begin by learning the story behind the numbers. Then we use our expertise to objectively analyze and interpret the information, contribute meaningful advice, and present relevant and reliable results.

KVG also offers strong strategic alliances and one of the most extensive and experienced affiliates networks in the industry. These vital industry connections allow KVG to quickly and dependably provide clients with the right solutions, regardless of geography or jurisdiction.

Experience and industry leadership also differentiate The Kucik Valuation Group. Managing Member Mark G. Kucik is nationally recognized as an industry expert and one of the foremost instructors in business valuation and related consulting services. This commitment to professional development has positioned Mark G. Kucik to influence industry wide valuation theory and practice standards, as well as evolving issues and trends.