Managing Member

Mark G. Kucik is founder of The Kucik Valuation Group specializing in business valuations of family owned and closely held securities for a variety of businesses in both the manufacturing and service sectors; for use in estate tax planning, financial statement reporting, estate tax returns, gift tax returns, buy/sell agreements, purchase/sale transactions, ESOPs, economic damages, matrimonial and shareholder disputes.
With more than 30 years of experience in business consulting as a CPA and over 22 years of business valuation specialization, Mr. Kucik has dedicated his career to serving the industry, as well as his clients, by emphasizing professional development and education.

Professional Associations and Awards

  • Member – National Association of Certified Valuation Analysts (NACVA).
  • Member of the Executive Advisory Board 2002-2007; Chairman 2005-2006
  • Member of Executive Advisory Board (Vice President) 2008 – present
  • Recipient of the Outstanding Members Award 1999
  • Member of the Education Board 1999-2002
  • Member of Professional Standards Board 1995-2009; Chairman 2001-2004.
  • Member of NACVA’s The Training and Development Team – Certification Program , which develops and presents professional education courses on business valuations at training centers throughout the United States 1998-present
  • Member of NACVA’s Advanced Training and Development Team, 2004-present
  • Recipient of the Instructor of the Year award 2002
  • Multiple recipient of the Instructor of Great Distinction Award
  • Multiple recipient of the Instructor of Exceptional Distinction award
  • Recipient of the Circle of Light Award, NACVA
  • Recipient of the Tom Porter Lifetime Achievement award 2011

Member – Illinois Society of Certified Valuation Analysts.
Member – American Institute of Certified Public Accountants
Member – Illinois CPA Society.
Member – U.S.P.A.P. Task Force as a NACVA representative.
Member – International Glossary of Valuation Terms (C.L.A.R.E.N.C.E.); a committee designed to establish an International Glossary of Business Valuation Terms to be used throughout the industry. The committee consists of representatives of the five largest valuation organizations.
Member – Appraisal Issues Task Force (A.I.T.F.)
Member – The North American Business Valuation Standards Council – Chairman 2006-2009
Cochair of NACVA’s National Conference 2012
Biltmore Who’s Who recognized top ten member in consulting 2010
Named by NACVA as an Industry Titan – The Financial Consulting Profession’s Most Influential – Pioneer of the Profession 2016

Presentations on business valuations for the following organizations:

  • National Association of Certified Valuators and Analysts (NACVA)
  • Internal Revenue Service
  • Illinois CPA Society
  • Illinois Society of Certified Valuation Analysts
  • Chicago Bar Association
  • Alliance of Mergers and Acquisition Advisor
  • American Institute of Certified Public Accountants (AICPA)

Interviewed on television programs “Ask the Expert”, “Accountability” and “The Financial Advisor” as an expert on valuations of closely held businesses.

Coauthor of the book Financial Valuation Applications and Models, 2nd, 3rd and 4th editions.

Contributing Author and instructor for NACVA certification courses on “Business Valuations: Fundamentals, Techniques & Theory”, “Applications and Calculations of the Income and Asset Approaches”, “Advanced Valuation and Case Study Workshop”, “Understanding the Business Valuation Standards”, FT&T Accelerator Program and “Working Through the BV Standards Maze” in the following cities 1998 – present:

Chicago, IL • Washington D.C. • Boston, MA • Cincinnati, OH • Phoenix, AZ • Las Vegas,
NV • New Orleans, LA • Ft. Lauderdale, FL • Tampa, FL • Columbus, OH • Salt Lake City,
UT • Houston, TX • Baltimore, MD • Harrisburg, PA • Miami, FL • Atlanta, GA •
Indianapolis, IN • Denver, CO • Rocky Hill, CT • Nashville, TN • New York, New York